The Science

Find Out How It Works

Sanzonate™ technology creates tri-atomed oxygen which is a highly effective cleaning and sanitising medium.   The Sanzonate solution attacks germs, bacteria, spores, moulds and other microorganisms at a cellular level.  In simple terms the cells walls of these organisms are attacked and destroyed causing the cell to die without any potential to regenerate or mutate into stronger specimens.

Any surface which is contacted by the solution is treated.  In order to reach as many surfaces as possible we use Sanzonate360.  This utilises the power of electrostatics to energise the solution causing it to be attracted to both hard and soft surfaces.  This technique wraps our solution around 360 degrees of any exposed surface eliminating germs on all surfaces more effectively than traditional cleaning and sanitising methodology.

We can sanitise whole rooms without the use of chemicals resulting in airborne populations of bacteria reducing by up to Log 5 (99.999). Electrostatic distribution of the Sanzonate solution ensures greater surface coverage than traditional trigger sprays.

Sanzonate technology means that every surface in a room including those areas that are difficult to reach and clean by traditional methods cleaning products is effectively sanitised.  The process uses no chemicals and leaves no residue.