Water Treatment

Chemical-Free Water Treatment

Sanzonate can offer chemical-free L8 compliant water management and treatment solutions.  Forget having to use hydrogen peroxide, silver oxide, UV or chlorine dioxide.  Our system provides better sanitisation levels without chemicals reducing the need to have management control systems in place including stringent COSHH and operational processes. The Sanzonate process leaves no residue and has no impact on the environment.  In fact, since you don’t need to have any chemicals delivered your carbon footprint is reduced as well.

Technical Features

  • Simple and robust construction
  • No moving parts and low maintenance
  • Intrinsically safe (low voltage DC system)
  • Low current (typically 4 amps per cell)
  • No chemicals required (self-cleaning cell  technology)
  • Low running costs (typically less than  0.2 kWh standard cell)
  • Data logging every 60 seconds and upload  to secure website
  • Continuous performance monitoring  and alarms
  • Data audit trail available for up to  12 months


  • Drinking water in managed and private buildings,
  • Borehole water and the precipitation of heavy metals such as iron  and manganese
  • Stored water from all sources including harvested rainwater
  • Process water for industrial applications and food processing
  • Ultrapure and deionised water systems used in pharmaceutical  and electronic industries
  • Clean-In-Place (CIP) systems in process industries
  • Cooling towers and evaporative condensers

In a tank circulation system, water is drawn from the bottom of the tank, passes through the Sanzonate® cell and returns to the top of the tank.  The activated water generated by the cell rapidly diffuses through the body of the water in the tank, disinfects the water and also sanitises the internal surfaces of the tank below and above the water line. Tanks treated this way are maintained in a sparkling clean condition!

*In-line water treatment systems are also available.