Who Uses Us?

Uses for Chemical-Free Cleaning

Anywhere traditional cleaning chemicals are used Sanzonate can provide a chemical free alternative that will be equally effective. By being free of harmful solvents and contaminants Sanzonate’s chemical free solutions can be applied to delicate surfaces and even used in occupied rooms.


Surgeries waiting rooms and receptions areas can be breeding grounds for the spread of disease and infection. Sanzonate’s chemical free solution can be used throughout the day to leave these areas 99.99% germ free.

Care homes can use Sanzonate technology to sanitise after an outbreak of norovirus or flu. More and more assisted living facilities are using Sanzonate as part of their day-to-day cleaning regimes to prevent such outbreaks.


We work with many gyms to help keep their equipment free of germs leftover from sweat and to remove any associate odours. Keeping their facilities clean and fresh whilst protecting their members from infection.


Sanzonate offers solutions which can be used on a variety of vehicles, ranging from ocean going cruise ships, aeroplanes and trains to taxis.


Viruses, flu and colds can spread rapidly in educational establishments with some outbreaks known to have affected up to 60% of the school population. Sanzonate offers a complete solution bringing 99.999% kill rates to every school surface, helping to contain any outbreak, positively influence attendance rates and ultimately pupil attainment levels.